Best Practices: Facebook Group Cover Photo Sizes



Let’s talk FB group cover photos!

My brilliant client Caitlin Bacher just launched her brand new course FAB FB Groups, and it inspired me to go over some of the best practices for creating and using cover photos for Facebook groups.

I did some research and the optimal size for a FB group cover photo was inconclusive, so I set up a test group and uploaded a bunch of different versions of the same test graphic to see for myself. I wanted to know exactly what size to use and I wanted to avoid the graphic from getting cut off on both desktop and mobile view. So I viewed the group on my 15″ MacBook Pro as well as on my iPhone 6, and was able to create a template based on my findings.


Here’s what I came up with:

The size ends up being 828 pixels wide by 250 pixels high, which doesn’t allow for any repositioning when it’s being uploaded, and if you think the mobile view area (which I’ve blocked off in black) is off center, you’re right. After playing around with positioning, I found that this was the optimal mobile view area, and although it seems off centered on desktop view, it actually does appear centered when it’s viewed on mobile.

Let’s break this down using one of Facebook group cover graphics I designed for her FAB launch.


Desktop view

Here’s the graphic under the desktop view guidelines:

You can see that I designed the cover graphic so that the call to action area is front and center, while the photo of Caitlin is off to the left. I made sure the CTA wouldn’t be covered by the group title or buttons by giving it a large margin on the bottom to account for those items. The “Top of group title text” guideline indicates the highest point that the group title text sits on the graphic, while the “top of buttons” guideline indicates where the top of the buttons sits.

However, you’ll notice that the area I put the text in is pretty small. There’s all this open space to the right. Why didn’t I use it up?

I kept the right side of the graphic empty because I knew it was going to be cut off on mobile view. The left side will also get cut off, but Caitlin wanted the text about her new course to be the star of show and she was fine with her photo being cut off on mobile. The CTA is what’s important.


Mobile/tablet view

Here’s the graphic under the mobile view guidelines:

I’ve darkened the areas of the graphic that aren’t visible on mobile, and I’ve indicated where the Facebook group title text is using guidelines. You can see that the entire CTA area still sits above the guidelines, with the exception of the URL, which is sitting vertically centered with that “first line of text” guideline. This is ok because I know that the title of the group is going to break (meaning it’s going to go from being 1 line of text to 2 lines of text) and won’t likely overlap with the URL.

You can’t see the big open space on the right because it’s being cut off, as is most of Caitlin’s photo on the left. So here’s the deal, folks: make sure all of the important stuff is in that middle section.


All guidelines

And lastly, here’s the graphic under both sets of guidelines:

It’s hard to make out at first, but you’ll notice that the graphic’s design accommodates both the mobile view and desktop view guidelines. Nothing important is going to be cut off, whether it’s being seen on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone.


So why does this even matter?

More than 50%1 of all Facebook users only use their phones to login! This means there’s a pretty good chance that your FB group is being viewed on mobile most of the time. Optimizing your group’s cover photo/graphic for mobile should be a top priority.

Grab the FREE template below to create an all-device friendly FB cover!

Best Practices: FB Group Cover Photo Sizing
Best Practices: FB Group Cover Photo Sizing
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